Founder of Telegram and TON accused Facebook and Instagram of fraud

Telegram founder Pavel Durov accused the social networks Facebook and Instagram of posting fraudulent ads on his behalf. Durov advises Facebook to start taking a more responsible attitude to its advertising platform before the end of the week. Otherwise, he encourages users to keep fraudulent material for litigation. Durov wrote about this in his Telegram.

Durov said that for more than a year Facebook and Instagram launched fraudulent advertising allegedly on his behalf. He claims that these ads have nothing to do with him. The founder of Telegram is indignant that moderators of social networks approve of such advertising and do not delete it even after user complaints.

Because of fraud, many older people and retirees lose money, says the founder of Telegram. Durov says he considers it unacceptable that Facebook deliberately ignores complaints in order to make money on advertising.

Durov hopes that Facebook will give the users money that they lost because of the ads. If the company does not become more responsible, evidence of fraudulent advertising will be used in court.

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