Singapore has become the best country to work and do business in

The international Institute for management development has released its annual ranking of the best countries in the world to work and do business in. Singapore is the leader among 63 countries for the second year in a row. The authors of the rating note the country’s economic indicators and technological infrastructure.

The rating is based on economic indicators, government efficiency, business efficiency, and infrastructure quality.

Denmark and Switzerland are also in the top three. The United States, however, is in 10th place, with 92 points out of 100, while Russia has dropped 5 places, from 45 to 50, with 56 points.

The secret to Singapore’s success is its strong economic performance, the study says. These indicators depend on the measures that a country takes in the areas of trade and investment, employment and the labour market.

Stable indicators in the education system and in the technological infrastructure — telecommunications, Internet traffic speed and high-tech exports-also play an important role.

Denmark ranks second due to its strong economy, labor market, health and education systems. The country is actively implementing international investment, and business efficiency exceeds all of Europe, according to the authors of the rating.

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