WWDC Apple Developers Conference to Be Held Online

apple conference wwdc

Today at 10:00 PT the annual WWDC developers conference will be be held in the format of online sessions for iOS, macOS developers.

You can visit it for free at Apple Park through apple.com, the Apple Developer app, the Apple Developer website, the Apple TV app, and YouTube.

Analysts are awaiting an official statement on the forum about switching to using ARM chips in Mac computers to replace current Intel technology.

Hosting the WWDC online conference for the first time in 30 years enables the millions members of dev-community to participate online. This is a huge advantage compared to previous conferences, which were physically limited by the size of the conference rooms. If this format, which was chosen compulsorily in connection with COVID-19, justifies itself, then it is possible that holding an online conference will be not an exception, but a rule.

You can join the WWDC conference by clicking on this link.

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