Steve Forbes: Crypto is a «high-tech cry for help»

Editor-in-chief of Forbes and magazine’s founders’ family member Steve Forbes said that cryptocurrency can become an effective protection in an unstable economy. He also called the cryptocurrency a modern and technological «cry for help».

According to Forbes, cryptocurrency becomes necessary when governments hand out free loans and other measures to restore the economy.

But Forbes didn’t forget the disadvantages of cryptocurrency. These include high price volatility and regulation by politicians and other forces. He believes that bitcoin cannot become massive because of regulators who will stop its widespread distribution.

Another drawback of bitcoin is the 21 million BTC emission limit, which Forbes calls Satoshi Nakamoto’s mistake. Forbes believes that in order to become stronger, bitcoin needs to become «extremely simple».

The businessman did not forget about the Libra cryptocurrency from Facebook and its analog from Amazon. He believes that such projects will lead the cryptocurrency to the future.

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