Nvidia AI recreates Pac-Man from the ground up by just watching the game  

Nvidia artificial intelligence pacman

Nvidia is best known for its graphics cards, but the company also conducts serious research in the field of artificial intelligence. In their latest project, company researchers taught artificial intelligence to recreate the Pac-Man game by simply watching it.

In this case, no coding was used and there were no previously rendered images for the program. The AI model simply transfers the visual data of the game in action along with the accompanying controller inputs, and thus recreates them frame by frame from this information. The result is a playable game for humans, and Nvidia says they will release it online in the near future.

Nvidia artificial intelligence pacman

However, the AI version of the game cannot be called perfect in any way. The images are blurry, and it seems that artificial intelligence failed to capture the exact behavior of the ghosts of the game, each of which is programmed to have a certain character that dictates its command. But the main dynamics of Pac-Man is still here: you can eat circles, you must avoid ghosts and try not to die.

Rev Lebaredian, the vice president of simulation technology at Nvidia, said the work was done in collaboration with the creator of Pac-Man Bandai Namco, which today marks the 40th anniversary of arcade classics.

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