Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system using the human body

microsoft human body mining

Microsoft is thinking about creating a cryptocurrency system that will allow you to mine cryptocurrency using data on the activity of your own body, eliminating the need for specialized mining equipment.

On March 26, Microsoft published a patent called “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data”. Their documents describe in detail the crypto-mining method, which uses data related to the activity of the user’s body to implement a new form of proof-of-work mechanism.

microsoft human body mining

During the mining process, a brain wave or heat radiated by the user’s body can be used when he/she performs any task provided by the information or service provider, such as watching ads or using certain Internet services.

To implement the process, the server provides a task to a user device that is communicatively connected to the server. A special sensor then indicates the activity of the body of the individual, while the cryptocurrency system checks whether the data on the activity of the body satisfy the conditions established by the cryptocurrency system. Ultimately, the system provides cryptocurrency to a user whose body activity data has been verified.

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