5 new applications of the Armenian market

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Now, when we are more and more immersed in the world of services rather than goods, applications are becoming more popular. As the author of the book “A Good Interface — An Invisible Interface” Golden Krishna notes — go to the App Store or Play Market, and you will find an application for almost any life situation.

Today we decided to collect and tell you about five new applications of Armenian production.

1. ArcCert / education

ArcCert is a decentralized blockchain-based platform. It provides a set of tools for educational institutions and training centers for the creation, issuance and storage of diplomas and certificates protected from falsification.

On February 5, as a result of a partnership between ISTC (Center for Innovative Solutions and Technologies) and a startup at ArcCert, the first blockchain-based certificate was issued.

ArcCert is an ArcNet project. In addition to creating diplomas, the company is engaged in other activities. It is the platform for creating an effective career management system. ArcNet is valuable to both freelancers and full-time employees, and eliminates the main problems in the online job market.

2. Social Media Fun / marketing

The Social Media Fun platform together with Ararat Bank created an application in which representatives of the diaspora could find their relatives, friends and their acquaintances. For this, they just need to be registered and then there will be the opportunity to send congratulations and cash gifts.

Social Media Fun is a platform created by Prodigi. They develop games and applications, and offer brands for digital marketing and advertising. So if you are a company tired of regular advertisements and want something new, then gamification is most likely for you.

d'efekt app

3. D’efekt / photo editing

Using the D’efekt application, powered by artificial intelligence, people can create unusual photos and video content and share it. As the company positions itself, it is a generative tool for creating video art that allows anyone to become an artist.

The application has many effects with which you can both change the video and make moving art objects from static photos. For lovers of everything psychedelic and unusual just right.

retention force app

4. RetentionForce / marketing (again)

The RetentionForce project is designed for conversational marketing and customer service automation for service and retail chains. At the initial stage, the company works with beauty salons to maintain customer interest and improve communication services.

For users, the feeling that they are communicating with the bot is reduced. Also, the application created the ability to get points for some actions. This is powered by Facebook Messenger.

fastmed app

5. Fastmed / medicine

Fastmed helps you find and order medications online.

The application allows you to quickly find the right medicine in the nearest pharmacy and order it online. The number of application downloads currently exceeds 2000, and has about 800 active users.

Fastmed allows you to search for the right medication through keyboard input, voice input and barcodes. You can also enter the name of only the active substance contained in the tablet. This facilitates and increases the likelihood of finding the necessary medicine, since in different countries the same medicine is available under different names, and the active ingredient used is always the same.

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