The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Review

Review The Elder Scrolls Blades

On March 30, the great game series The Elder Scrolls turned 25 years old, in honor of which Bethesda Game Studios began early access to the mobile The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

«Blades» in its genre is a free single-player and multiplayer mobile role-playing game with a first-person view, the events of which unfold between 4 and 5 license plates of the games in the series. The studio itself positions the game as an AAA project (an informal term for a class of high-budget computer games) for mobile devices.

Our character traditionally appears as a fugitive, namely a member of the order of blades for which hunting is declared. As a result of which he returns to his hometown, finds it destroyed under rather strange circumstances, after which it falls into the cycle of events.

We start the game by creating our own character, and if for a regular series the choice of 10 races and a character editor is taken for granted, then in a mobile game — it looks pretty cool. In principle, starting from this moment you will begin to wonder, is this a mobile phone for sure?

Review The Elder Scrolls Blades

Having finished with character customization, we get acquainted with the new game mechanics, namely with the management of our own city, which replaces the open world. And this mechanic does not look like something superfluous, but rather carries a zest and makes you dive deeper into the gameplay. The city itself is a large location where you can take a quest, fix your armor or make a potion. It is a kind of single-player game mode in which we have to find out the plot and rebuild our hometown.

And do not forget that this is still a role-playing game and we will have to pump both our character and the city. With the city, everything is quite simple and everything tends to create a building to make life easier. Although there is also a pitfall in the form of resource management for construction, which, almost always, will not be enough. There are 3 such resources: limestone, wood and copper. They can be obtained during the passage of quests, as a reward, or obtained from chests.

Chests are local loot boxes. But the system of loot boxes here is very strange, because you will not be forced to donate from the word at all. You will be gifted with them: the next chest can be obtained quite simply by going over some corner of the location. A similar situation, in principle, with the donat currency.

With pumping the character, everything is a bit more complicated. He has three branches of pumping: warrior, mage and with universal skills. For each level, you will automatically receive a gain in health and you can choose from a reserve of strength or mana of your choice. For the same cherished new level, you will receive a skill point that will need to be invested in a particular branch. Particular attention should be paid to the equipment and its condition, because here the wear and damage system has returned, so for a good and comfortable game it will be necessary to build a city, if only in order to buy equipment if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Review The Elder Scrolls Blades

The locations themselves are corridors from 1 to 1 against enemy creatures.

And in principle, the game more closely resembles the first parts of the series, but it still conveys the atmosphere of adventure. Of the other advantages of the game is its graphics, which is fantastic for mobile phones. The game is fully translated into the great and mighty. Of all the minuses that can only be found, this is the complete absence of voice acting for the characters, which will be fixed after the game leaves the open beta test.

The game deserves the full right to take its place on your phone and you will definitely spend a good evening after it, nostalgic for the old parts and short time before the release of a new one. Or, distracting from a boring lesson (BUT STUDYIONG IS VERY IMPORTANT — Ed.) in the wonderful world of ancient scrolls.

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